Thane Boulton

Thane Boulton is the founder and Publisher of the New York-based book publishing house, 

Thane & Prose.

Thane Boulton is an American editor and book publisher who has been described as “a publishing industry lightning rod” by The New York Times; “one of publishing's most notorious editors” by Britain’s The Independent; “maybe even genius” by The Huffington Post; and “brilliant” by New York magazine.  

Indeed, Boulton is best known for what The Huffington Post went on to describe as his “Midas touch” work in American publishing as the influencer of nearly 32 book, magazine and newspapers, including Life, The LA Times, Outside, and Food & Wine; the Editor in Chief of four national magazines—and the founder of New York publishing house Thane & Prose.

Thane has appeared on the Today Show regularly, The View, Anderson Cooper 360, CNN, and CBS MarketWatch discussing the work he has published.