Thane Boulton is the founder and publisher of bespoke New York literary imprint Thane & Prose, where he publishes books of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry in digital, audiobook—and finely crafted clothbound editions.

The story

My Privilege

I studied poetry with Allen Ginsberg and Lawrence Ferlinghetti at a small “literary house” at Washington College on the Chester River—and witnessed excellence; there too, I studied fiction with Toni Morrison, and playwriting with Edward Albee, and witnessed the same.

     Later, I worked with George Plimpton and Frank McCourt in New York—and was inspired. 

     After, I founded Thane & Prose in my pursuit of writers who did what these men and women did—who pursued the art of storytelling. 

     Today, when I find these authors, like Thomas Purcell, Mario Garcia, and Lucas Hunt, it is my privilege to handcraft their books to be published for the reader to experience and enjoy.—Thane Boulton